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Driving SharePoint in San Diego

 Dear SharePoint Colleagues,                            

 Join us for the San Diego SharePoint User Group (SanSpug) event title "Driving SharePoint in San Diego"!  This two part series will include:

We are encouraging all employers and recruiting companies to attend Part II.  All individual skilled or soon to be skilled SharePoint job seekers will be asked to attend Part I.

SharePoint and .Net are two of the fastest growing Microsoft technologies. Due to their rapid adoption by many companies, skilled and experienced SharePoint and .Net developers are often difficult to find and hire. Consequently, developers proficient in SharePoint and .Net are in very high demand!  We will provide information on the various careers available in SharePoint and .Net as well as highlight features of this technology via presentations. We will also discuss what training might be required to get these great careers.

Be sure to check out our SharePoint Job board!

For more information on this event, or if you are a Recruiting company and would like to be a sponsor of the event, please email


Sponsored by:
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The San Diego SharePoint User Group (SanSpug) was founded to serve the unmet needs of the Southern California SharePoint Community.  We are a formally structured group made up of members and an elected executive team.  Meetings are free to attend by all, but access to our more exclusive content and events will be presented only to our valued members.  The SanSpug mission is to strive to show and display unique and highly targeted SharePoint content of all flavors.  The information you will walk away with from our meetings will always be rich and interesting!

For more information, please see San Diego SharePoint Users Group, or contact Chris Givens at  Also check out our Social Pages: 
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